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Application Process

  1. Select a program Approved Retailer.

  2. Contact a program Approved Retailer who will assist with the completion of the Participant Application Form.

  3. The Approved Retailer will visit the home and take photos of the existing, non-EPA certified wood burning appliance currently in use that serves as a primary or significant source of heat for the residence. These photos must show the appliance’s manufacturer/model and when possible.

  4. Sign a completed Participant Application Form. Once signed, the Approved Retailer will submit to LCPH. 

  5. Upon application approval and before the voucher’s 60-day expiration date, confirm participation in the Program by purchasing a program approved appliance as recommended by the Approved Retailer and schedule the appliance installation date.

  6. The Approved Retailer shall remove the old appliance and install the new EPA-certified or qualified appliance. The installation of the new appliance must be done by a program Approved Retailer who holds all the necessary permits, licensures, certifications, training, and other requirements deemed necessary by federal, state, county, or local municipal codes/ordinances. Do-it-yourself installations are not allowed.

  7. The Approved Retailer shall remove the old, non-certified wood-burning appliance and ensure that the firebox is inoperable by removing the firebox door and crushing the hinges or drilling holes through the firebox to prevent reuse and resale. Removed appliances shall be recycled, unless recycling is unavailable, then the appliance shall be landfilled. Program Approved Retailers and installers must certify proper disposal to be eligible for reimbursement.

  8. Program Approved Retailers will teach each homeowner how to use the new appliance, the stove thermometer, and a wood moisture meter (for wood burning appliances). Participants should use the manufacturer's instructions while learning how to use the new appliance. If the new appliance uses wood for fuel, carefully review tips for best burn practices such as using seasoned, dry wood and testing wood with a wood moisture meter before burning it. For more information visit: EPA.gov/burnwise.


For more details about the program, review the Program Guide. 


How do I apply?

Contact a program Approved Retailer to apply:








Linn County Public Health cannot provide recommendations. LCPH does recommend that residents request prices offered by at least two retailers and ask the retailers the following questions: 


  • Is my old stove eligible for change out incentives?

  • Can you confirm that the new appliance I'm buying will qualify for Linn County's Wood-Burning Appliance Change-Out Program voucher?

  • When are you available to perform the work?

  • Please describe the warranty on the new stove. 

  • What other information will you provide me so that I can best operate and maintain my new appliance?

  • Can you provide references from previous customers? 


The Approved Retailer will need to complete a site visit before confirming program eligibility.